Family ISS Viewing

This morning, as my wife, son, and I were getting ready for the day, we took a moment to watch the ISS fly over. My son and I had seen it before, but it was my wife’s first time. It was about a two minute pass with a bright magnitude, so it was easy to spot.

My son is going to be an astronaut for Halloween. He knows that astronauts fly in the space shuttle, but didn’t know that there are astronauts on the space station, so it was a good teaching moment. The surprise, however, was my wife. She was looking up and seemed to be fairly transfixed by the sight. It was really awesome! There’s another flyover tomorrow morning. It’s going to be later, but brighter. Hopefully, We’ll be able to see it again!

For sighting info on the ISS and other satellites, see

If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can download the Satellite Flybys app. More information at:

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