Thoughts on Orbiter Placement (Not From Me)

I’ve been reading some interesting blog entries and articles on why certain cities were selected to get the orbiters and others weren’t. These are the most interesting ones I’ve read:

Blog Entries

Wayne Hale  – Why Houston Did Not Get A Shuttle – Former NASA Space Shuttle Program Manager and Flight Director

Txflygirl – aka Cindy –  It’s more than a Space Shuttle – NASA worker at JSC

Michael Grabois – Don’t Blame NASA or Politics for an orbiter-less Houston  – NASA worker at JSC


New York Times – NASA Chooses Space Shuttles’ Retirement Homes

Opinion Pieces

Joanna Molloy – New York Daily News – New York Deserves More than Just a “Fake” Shuttle – I’m including this not because I think it’s particularly good writing or reasoning, rather because it’s provoked a lot of conversation on the topic

If you come across particularly pieces of writing on the topic, please let me know, I’d love to post them.


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