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Which Flags Should I Display on Independence Day 2013?

As some of you know, I am a collector of flags. You may also know that Independence Day is my favorite holiday. As such, I’m putting the question out to the internets… What type of flags should I display on Independence Day 2013?

  • Flags of American History will be a display of the current and some former flags of our nation along with some historic flags from the Revolutionary War (This was last year’s winner, it looked like this)
  • Capitol Flags will be the US flags that I’ve had flown over the United States Capitol in commemoration of momentous occasions in my life and that of my family
  • State Flags will be a display of some of the state flags that I have (along with the US Flag, of course)

I’m opening this poll now and I’ll close it at 2000 PDT on July 3rd. Please let me know your thoughts!

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